The London Series

I love baseball, I played little league as a kid, even though I was terrible my love for baseball has always been there. It’s a game that isn’t as fast paced as football or basketball and it’s less physical than football or hockey but it’s one of my favorites. It’s a thinking mans game that is slow and methodical then lightning quick and spectacular. I was so happy to see the Brits love our weird game. It came from their cricket and I wasn’t sure how they’d take it. Doing some research I learned there is a community in Britain that absolutely loves our game and can’t get enough of it. I hope interests grows and I was excited to see us spread a bit of our oldest sport.

Comedy is a fun life

I got to host The Ice House Comedy Club for Ian Bagg this weekend and I had the best time working with all of the comedians I met that night. Most of the time in comedy you get treated like you don’t matter, at The Ice House they feed you and pay you and give your set for free. I’ve spent many days driving to gigs, paying to play and getting treated like I’m the least important person in the room. I want to thank The Ice House for making a former homeless kid feel loved.