Everything is racist

This image has caused an uproar when artist Dana Schutz had it on exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Why was it protested? Because it was painted by a white woman. Am I missing something? Why would the fact that it was painted by a white woman matter? She created the piece in order to bring awareness to a subject that is often not talked about from America's not so distant past. Lynching. 

This is another example of the claim of cultural appropriation misused. This is an artist interpretation of a photo of Emit Till, a 14-year-old black Chicago boy killed by a group of white men in Mississippi in 1955. 

I can't imagine why the Left has gone so far as to turn on someone attempting to empathize with someone that experienced a horrific crime just because of the color of their skin. This artist wasn't trying to make fun of the person, they weren't belittling their story. They were simply trying to understand and bring to light a story they felt passionately about. Who cares if they were white. 

In the 60's no one cared that many in the civil rights movement were white, willing to risk their lives alongside blacks because they felt it was the right thing to do. Times have changed. Today, people are more polarized than ever. I am starting to see the Jim Crow rights that Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard to overturn now be proposed by Liberals. In colleges, there is a serious movement to have separate living spaces for black people and it's being proposed by black people. It is baffling that the supposed party of equality is willing to turn it's back on equality and justice for all. I'm begging to think that as our country get's less racist there are more accusations of racism. I am not sure why this is happening. 

The danger of seeing racism in something when none actually exists is that it makes people less likely to react to real accusations of racism that need to be dealt with. It is very much like the boy who cried "cultural appropriation" at every little thing. Eventually, people will not believe you and that is bad for all involved. 

I know racism will never truly go away because some people need it in order to explain their terrible lives instead of looking in a mirror. Yet, yelling racism at an artist or even a little girl dressing up for Halloween isn't helping. It is taking the validity out of your argument and that helps no one. I want to believe you, I want to fight racism with you. Please stop seeing racism in everything.



Everything is Racist

by Chris Adams