Red Dead Redemption 2

By Chris Adams

I can't be more excited for Red Dead Redemption 2. I finished Red Dead Redemption awhile ago and it was a game that changed the way I viewed how a story can be told in a video game and the art of gaming itself. Now 8 years later, Rockstar has become a company I trust with story telling and creating an engrossing experience. The visuals aren't even the most exciting aspect of the new game that I'm excited about, even though it looks beautiful. I'm excited to learn more of John Marston's backstory through the eyes of our new protagonist, Arthur Morgan. He doesn't seem as likable initially as John was but then again I've viewed that past trailers for Red Dead and John didn't have much to him that made him seem special at first. With the new gen consoles and 8 years to develop a story I can't wait to be apart of a moment in gaming history. I will be streaming my gameplay of this game and I hope others can get some joy out of it.